Do you have a a gem of an idea, but aren’t sure how to pull it off? Perhaps you're 200 pages in to writing your book, but suddenly feel completely lost and have no idea how to make the story hang together.

Or maybe the structure of imposed deadlines and the support of a seasoned, award-winning author will make all the difference between dabbling in writing and finally completing your manuscript. 

I am here to help you through every step of your book writing journey—from getting started and creating a solid outline, to providing a map of the book writing process and offering craft and creative generation sessions along the way.


  • Once you register, you will gain access to your personal workspace where you can schedule our 1-on-1 sessions on my personal calendar.
  • We will meet to discuss the specific needs of your project and I will make recommendations for how to proceed depending on whether we will walk through the book writing process step-by-step or if we will be focusing on a work-in-progress.
  • I will create an outline of our time together to offer structure and clarity for the process. 
  • For the weeks when I will review your work, you will upload up to 50 pages (double-spaced and 12-point font, please!) to your personal workspace one week before our meeting.
  • I read your work, make comments and prepare one page of notes that I will send to you before our session. 
  • We meet to discuss your work, your progress and any questions you may have. The goal is to provide clarity and to help determine next steps on your writing journey.
  • A recording of our Zoom session is uploaded to your own personal Dropbox to review at your convenience. '


Kristin will not only help you to finish your book, but she will also help you to find your purpose, understand why you're here and empower you to live your truth.

Sibyl, Chief Business Officer, B2C, 

Sounds True Publishing.

We each have something unique to offer the world. I had an impulse to write a book and share something I knew deep inside, but was having a hard time articulating. It was getting lost in the jumble of 10,000 thoughts in my busy day-to-day! The process of writing with Kristin helped me to organize my ideas and insights, which accelerated my inner transformation and deepened my understanding of my true offering. Our work together transformed my instincts into solid form, which I now share widely via The Possibility of Today, in my work and with clients that I coach (it helped me to land a literary agent as well!). Work with Kristin! Sure, you will finish your book. But maybe even more important—she will help you to find your purpose, understand why you're here and empower you to live your truth

Kristin is a gifted editor and book coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Mary Ann, American Buddha: How a Christian Minister Discovered her Spiritual Destiny

My memoir was over 200 pages when I asked for Kristin’s critique. I was pleased with what I had written, but felt challenged by how to weave the story, time and events together. Kristin has an incredible sense of narrative structure and was able to help me identify and develop a story arc that bought my experiences to life in a meaningful and compelling way. She helped me finesse unclear passages and directed me to areas that needed additional research. I was amazed at how quickly Kristin was able to grasp and articulate both Eastern and Western spiritual concepts (the book was a spiritual autobiography). She is deeply magnetized by the mystical side of life, which perhaps was one reason our professional relationship became a close personal friendship. Kristin is a gifted editor and book coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough! 


Kristin Kaye is an award-winning author, ghostwriter and book coach. Books include her novel TREE DREAMS (Winner 2018 Int'l Book Awards, 'A superbly written tale filled with realistic, engaging and quirky characters.' ~ Kirkus Reviews) ) and her memoir IRON MAIDENS: The Celebration of the Most Awesome Female Muscle in the World (Finalist 2006 Oregon Book Awards, One of 5 Books for Women Who Resist Easy Definition ~ Utne). Kristin has taught workshops at schools, colleges and environmental organizations across the US. She is also a meditation teacher and her own decade-long practice and study of mindful awareness  informs her creative process. Learn more at kristinkaye.com

Choose a payment option that best suits your needs: pay in full or in 3 or 6 monthly installments.

  • $2,000.00

    5 One hour 1-on-1 Sessions

  • 3 x $676.66

    $2030 paid in installments

  • 6 x $341.66

    $2050 paid in installments


If you prefer working in the company of other writers, consider Kristin's popular online course LITERARY ALCHEMY: A 6-Month Book Writing Course to Find Your Gold and Write Your Essential Story. Writers and everyday seekers enter the crucible in a community of other Alchemists interested in forging their essential story, their lives and their book. 

A new class begins January 13. Register now. For other workshops and Alchemy courses explore Kristin's Courses and Coaching site.

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